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Iceland Road Trip – Part Four

The one place I wish I spent more time in was the Eastern Fjords of Iceland. It happened to be the day that I was going to pull a 6-7 hour drive [more like 9-10] north from Vik to Seyðisfjörður and I found myself stopping and running around every 2 minutes. There were a lot of dirt roads in this stretch, but nothing too bad…you just had to watch out for baby sheep.

Iceland Photography Eastern Fjords Ring Road

Images by Ian Grant Photography // Facebook

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Iceland Road Trip – Part Three

This part really centers on the eastern area of Iceland’s ring road which is home to many a roadside glacier. It’s funny because as your driving along you pass a bend and are like ‘wow, that’s the most beautiful glacier I’ve ever seen!’ and then you drive a little further ‘Whoa! That one is even better!’ which goes on for a good couple hours. Flocks of swans flying parallel to your car with icecap mountains in the background helps too.

It’s really pretty amazing and at one point you find yourself driving directly towards the biggest glacier you’ve ever seen [literally the biggest in Europe] while 2 other huge ones are on either side of you. If I had a 4×4 I would’ve been able to get closer, but frankly at this point in my journey I wasn’t going to put my car through too much more. Some of the roads to the glaciers were a little too hard core for my little beast of a car. After my car stuck incident my survival instincts [Tanya's voice in my head saying 'Ian bad! Death!'] was in full swing.

Iceland Photography Eastern Ring Road

Images by Ian Grant Photography // Facebook

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Iceland Road Trip - Part Two

The next day I really needed to take it easy [after eventful car crash/stuck in mud] so I did what any person would do. Go see icebergs! But first I had to go see some awesome waterfalls and play with my new variable ND filter [essentially lets less light in so I can take long exposures in the daylight].

This first waterfall is named Seljalandsfoss [foss being Icelandic for waterfall...you see it a lot in a country with 10,000 waterfalls]. You can actually walk behind the waterfall, but I was getting my gear soaked enough and didn’t need a camera failure a couple days into the trip…

Iceland Photography Road Trip - June 2010
Iceland Photography Road Trip - June 2010

photos by ian grant photography

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Iceland Road Trip - Part One

This June I found myself having a nice little window of time where I could get away and after reviewing my ‘places I want to go‘ list from every year, Iceland kept being on the top of the list. The two days of decent prices to go over there just happened to work as well, so two weeks ahead of time I got tickets from Los Angeles to Reykjavík on Iceland Air. Sweet!

First things first, though I saved some money on airfare [It cost around $800 vs. similar dates being $1800] renting a car for a week wasn’t cheap. Though I understood later that it is impossible to not trash your car in Iceland hence the cost, the fact that the cheapest car to rent was $600 for a week seemed absurd. I had read that getting a 4×4 was a smart move, but dropping close to $1k for a week rental was out of the question.

So after arriving at 7am I figured I’d head off to the world famous Blue Lagoon. More people come here each year than residents in Iceland. Sadly it was freezing out and insanely windy. Not the most exciting time to be throwing your clothes off and jumping in 100 degree water. I got some photos though.

See more at iangrantphotography.com

Iceland Photography Road Trip - June 2010

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So I'm Im Las Vegas and my friend is in Helsinki and we're thinking of meeting up somewhere in Europe for a long weekend at the end of May...

Looking for places relatively easy to get to but don't have to be huge touristy places on their own.


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So I just booked a trip to Stockholm Sweden for a week. I'm still looking for a place to stay and have found a lot of hostels, but wanted to see if anyone could recommend anything. I was also thinking of staying in one of the nice hotels for a night or two as it looks like Stockholm has some interesting ones. Any suggestions? I'm also interested in hearing recommendations for restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, sights, and so on. Danke!

Geneva, Switzerland

Hi everyone,

I will be staying in Geneva for 5 days in early April of this year, and was wondering if you had any touristy recommendations. I will have plenty of time to look around, but not too much money, haha. I am planning on staying in one of the Hi Hostels (anyone ever been in one?) which is fairly close to the city centre. I love all things to do with history and nature.
Any ideas of where to visit?

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