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My boyfriend and I are spending New Years in Berlin or Dresden this holiday and we're wondering what types of activities are going on for a 17 and 18 year old? Any knowledge, ideas or suggestions?

Also, the cheaper the better. We're college students and backpacking.

Salzburg Hostels

Hi, I am traveling to Austria in three weeks and have secured lodging in Vienna and Graz so far, but am looking for recommendations for hostels or bed and breakfasts in Salzburg.  Something close to the city-center, clean, and relatively inexpensive would be great.  Any recommendations?

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Russia - Black Sea Region

I'm looking for info from anyone who's hiked the Black Sea Region of Russia, Sochi, for example.  I'm looking for day hikes or overnight hikes.  You can reply in Russian or English if you please.  Cheers!
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Eurail passes - Based on your experiences traveling through Europe, are they worth it or not? I'm wondering because the price seems sort of hefty and I'm only going to take a train through three countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, then again I'm not 100% sure how much trains usually cost.
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bag question

Hi all, I have heard that it's really difficult to travel Europe with rolley luggage because the streets in Europe aren't fit for wheels. I want to know if that's true for Italy, Spain, England? I'm not sure how much dragging around luggages I'll need to do, I'm only anticipating to do that from hostel to train/bus to hostel. Is that realistic? Do you still recommend a backpack over a rolley?

p.s. has anyone used Rick Steve's Convertible carry on before? What do you think? Is it comfortable enough?

Thanks in advance.

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backpack for Europe

Hi! I have to buy a backpack to use for my one month Euro trip. I don't want something too big as I'm only 5'2 tall. Can anyone suggest any places that I can look into. Thank you in advance.


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Hey all,
I was hoping to get some UK travel advice. I am going to London next week and staying with a friend for a week and a half. I've already seen most of London so was hoping to take a few day trips outside of the city. I was thinking Oxford, York and/or Dover or Leeds to see the castle. Thoughts? Other suggestions of places to go? I'm open to ideas as long as it doesn't require me renting a car.

Thanks in advance!!



After everyone's input, my friend and I have voted on two days in Salzburg from Vienna rather than flying to Milan.  YAY SALZBURG!  Now comes the fun part.  Can anyone recommend a super clean hostel or B&B preferably with private bathroom option close to the city center?  Also, what are things I must see in Salzburg (aside from Mozart's birthplace and an opera--I'm not huge on the Sound of Music touristy thing)?

Thanks in advance!

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